How To Write Siwes Report in Noun University

The structure and format of a SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) report may vary depending on the specific requirements of the NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria) University or your department. However, I can provide you with a general guide that you can adapt to fit the requirements of your institution. Please check with your department or supervisor for any specific guidelines they may have. Here’s a basic outline:

  1. Title Page:
    • Title of the Report: “SIWES Report on [Your Industry/Field of Study]”
    • Your Full Name
    • Matriculation Number
    • Department
    • NOUN University
    • Date
  2. Acknowledgments:
    • Express gratitude to the organization where you underwent your SIWES and any individuals who assisted you during the program.
  3. Abstract:
    • Briefly summarize the objectives, activities, and findings of your SIWES experience.
  4. Table of Contents:
    • Include a list of the main sections and subsections of your report with page numbers.
  5. Introduction:
    • Provide an overview of SIWES and its importance in your academic and professional development.
    • State the objectives of your SIWES.
  6. Background of the Organization:
    • Briefly describe the organization where you completed your SIWES.
    • Include information about the organization’s history, mission, and core activities.
  7. Objectives of SIWES:
    • Outline the specific objectives you aimed to achieve during your SIWES.
  8. Activities Undertaken:
    • Detail the tasks, projects, and responsibilities you were involved in during your SIWES.
    • Provide a chronological account of your daily activities.
  9. Skills Acquired:
    • Discuss the skills, knowledge, and experiences you gained during the SIWES period.
    • Relate these skills to your academic program.
  10. Challenges Faced:
    • Identify and discuss any challenges or obstacles you encountered during your SIWES and how you addressed them.
  11. Lessons Learned:
    • Reflect on the lessons and insights gained from the SIWES experience.
    • Discuss how the experience has contributed to your personal and professional development.
  12. Recommendations:
    • Provide recommendations for improvement, both for yourself and for the organization.
  13. Conclusion:
    • Summarize the key points of your report and restate the significance of the SIWES experience.
  14. References:
    • Include any references or sources you consulted during the preparation of your report.
  15. Appendices:
    • Attach any additional materials, such as certificates, photographs, or supplementary information

Make sure to follow any specific formatting guidelines provided by your university or department, and pay attention to details such as font size, spacing, and citation style. It’s also crucial to proofread your report for grammatical errors and clarity before submission.

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